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Something for Everyone

Around Town

Saratoga Springs prides itself on Health, History & Horses. Nestled in between the capital of New York and the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains, our guests will be able to explore the arts and outdoors, as well as races and restaurants. Use The Adelphi Hotel’s signature gold bikes to get you wherever you would like to go.

Downtown Saratoga

Once claimed to have more restaurants and bars than anywhere else per capita in the nation, the downtown area is far more than just that. The Adelphi Hotel is in walking distance of a number of attractions, including farmers markets, parks, boutiques, mineral springs and casinos. Take your pick.

The Springs

In The Victorian era, Saratoga Springs was thought to hold “The Fountain of Youth.” Doctors would prescribe it to their patients for a number of ailments. Today, you can enjoy its health benefits in a number of ways. Our suggestion? The Roosevelt Baths – just a hop, skip or bike ride away.

Outdoor Activities

It’s arguably the reason why most of our guests fall in love with the area. A small city that is so close to The Adirondack Mountains that is home to the country’s most beautiful waters, Lake George. Experience the clear waters or the tall peaks of the area.